Documents import

After connecting to reciTAL, you need to upload your documents.
All documents need to be processed by the platform in order to use its features

You can either import your document by the frontend or using our package / set of API’s

To use the frontend to manage your documents, you can use the following link:

Frontend import

First of all you need to be logged in as an Orgadmin, then via the Document panel, you can upload your documents one by one, by batch, by folders or by uploading a zip.

Once you’ve uploaded an indexation of your new documents will start immediately, it could take some time especially if the number of imported documents is consequent or if there are numerous documents that need OCR.

A report will keep you updated of the progress of your indexation.

API import

You can also import your document directly by API. You need to first create an indexation task, then you can upload your document to the platform by adding them to this specific task.

Coming soon :clock1:

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