Getting started

With the reciTAL platform, you can Classify, Search and Extract information in complex documents.

The following pages expain how to use the products, either through the User Interface (UI) or programatically through the APIs.

Whatever mode you choose (UI or API), you need an account on the solution (Classify, Search or Extract) to use it. If you don't have one, drop us an email at [email protected].

The following paragraphs give a brief overview of each solution and link to their more detailed respective sections.


Classify takes documents or emails as input and return the category they belong to. To do so, specific models have to be trained. Once trained, they perform predictions through API calls.
Classify also allows to connect mailboxes to automatically retrieved emails and run models. Post processing actions like moving an email or preparing an answer can also be setup.
Finally, Classify dashboard allows you to follow the usage of your models.

Just zip this structure and send it to Classify. A few moment later, the model is ready to be called with the model's API.


Search is a search engine and an automation solution designed to retrieve pieces of information like paragraphs, clauses and sections in large unstructured documents.


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