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The Platform allows you to "tag" one or multiple documents, in order to filter your documents using this tags as metadata.

Metadata can be applied two ways:

  • via the Platform UI
  • via the package itself

Applying metadata via the UI

After importing your documents (see guide section "Documents import"), select the documents you wish to apply metadata to:

Click on "Add Metadata". You'll be prompted to select / write the following:

  • add and existing or new metadata
  • select the metadata name and the type it will be. This will determine the possible values for it.
  • input your metadata value (example: for a Boolean metadata type named "Signed contract", the value could be "True" or "False"
  • Validate to apply the metadata

Applying metadata using the client

To add metadata using the reciTAL client, simply follow the recipe below:

Add metadata to a file

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